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Berger Picard


We are extremely proud to let our future buyers know that we raise our litters with the Puppy Culture Program. We will briefly outline the basics of the program. If interested in one our puppies please fill out a puppy application and we will get ahold of you! If we do not have what you are looking for in a Berger Picard, or are wanting a puppy later or sooner please see the breeders page for information and fantastic and ethical Berger Picard breeders that we personally know, support, and recommend, if you have any questions please email.

 We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Puppy Culture

The Puppy Culture Program is the superior program in early socialization and puppy raising. It puts strong emphasis on early neurological stimulation but there are various parts to puppy culture that includes: developmental periods, enrichment effects, early socialization, communication trinity, and  problem prevention. This sets up the puppy for a successful future, and the breeder to raise a successful litter. Follow this link (​) to be able to look further into puppy culture and the small details included that are essential tools to us in rearing your puppy until it is placed in your loving home. We encourage you to do research on the breed (as well as meeting many in person), and you will see how constructive this program is when raising the Berger Picard. 


Our Puppies

Our puppies here at Svajonė are extremely important to us, as all puppies to their breeders are. We believe in ethical and responsible breeding along with raising the puppies in the best way possible. Every breeder breeds, raises, and places puppies in their own way. No matter which way one does it, all the puppies in each litter will be different from one another wether in color, conformation, and personality. They may be slight and subtle or drastic but there are differences that need to be taken into consideration by the breeder while placing pups in their new homes.

​Puppy Placement: That being said we place our puppies with the homes that best fit them. When we take deposits it is not first come, first pick. You are letting us know that you are serious about wanting a puppy from our program. We love to hear preferences for sex and color, however that does not guarantee that puppy will be the best fit for you. Through the Puppy Culture Program that we use to rear our puppies it allows us to see how the puppy is growing, reacting, and be able to judge what kind of dog it will mature into to the best of our abilities  If you do not like the puppy(s) that we have chosen for you due to your preference of gender and color you can move the deposit to our next planned litter. We will always do our best to help you find exactly what you are looking for with our connections to other amazing Berger Picard breeders if we can't make you happy with one of our puppies! 

Co-Ownership, AKC Registration, and Microchip: All of our puppies will leave our program on a co-ownership. On puppies going to a show home and/or full registration this is to prevent from litters being produced before the dog is less than two years of age, has completed health testing, and/or gained a title(s) in a sport. If all of this is completed then we will discuss what breeding your Berger Picard will bring to the betterment of breed. For puppies leaving on limited registration for a companion home this will be to prevent litter and pre-mature spay/neuter. We do require the puppy to be spayed/neutered between 18-24 months, no sooner and no later. There will be more details in the contract about this and the consequences to buyer. We register and Microchip the puppies with AKC before they leave to go home with you. 

Going Home, Vaccination & Worming Schedule: We want our puppies to leave our home with the best possible foundation behind them. Our puppies go home at 10 weeks old after completed 10 weeks of the Puppy Culture program with us. Puppies come home with started potty training, leash training, crate training, and more. Included in your puppy pack will be the puppies vaccination and worming pamphlet as well as a future schedule for you to follow with your vet. You will need take this pamphlet with you into your puppy check appointment with you vet so they can have records of the puppies previous shots and worming. 


Insurance: We are so happy and proud to be working with TruPanion to a offer Go Home Day plan. You will be emailed info about the offer before the puppies go home with you to their new homes!

Deposit: $250 

First Payment: $500
Show Home (Full Registration): $3,500

Companion Home (Limited Registration): $3000 

Deposits: If you have decided that you would love a puppy from our program the next step is to place a deposit for our waitlist. Your deposit contract is due along with your deposit. Deposits are $250 and non-refundable (they do count towards the final purchase price of your Puppy). Deposits are accepted and usually placed before a litter is born. Our waitlist is not first come first serve though, the family that is the best fit for the puppy is where the puppy will be placed. Please call or email if you have any questions about placing a deposit and for more details. 

Shipping Puppies:
 We do fly puppies all across the U.S.  We use a lovely agency that takes very good care of us and the puppies. Shipping is $500 per puppy in the U.S. This includes an airline approved crate (for you to keep), a health clearance to fly, and the initial shipment cost.


Payment Schedule:

  • Deposit: $250. Placed at Client Discretion.

  • First Payment: $500. Due at Breeder Discretion after Puppy Count X-ray.

  • Final Payment: Due at 8 weeks old. 

  • Shipping: $500. Due at 8 weeks old, buyer decision.

We encourage all puppy buyers to become life long members of The Berger Picard Club of America. This allows you to become involved with the club and keep up to date on all things Berger Picard! Your puppy will also be sent home with a goody bag, of course, color coded to your puppies collar color that will also include the puppies vaccination and worming schedule, microchip info, and an exercise guide. We truly believe our puppies are special from the moment the breeding is planned due to the love, hard work, and time put into the puppies starting before they are even born.